What We Offer

We know that your most valued asset is your time.  In our industry there is no shortage of capital, opportunity, or upside.  By leveraging GlenBrook’s experience, tradecraft, and vaulted relationships we solve time consuming problems that optimize the process of building your capital stack.  In these fast-paced, uncertain, and increasingly complicated times in which we live and there is no substitute for an experienced, connected, and trusted hand to guide you.  GlenBrook is that hand.

  • Solution Driven

  • Trusted Expertise

  • Timely Results

Who We Are

In addition to being good friends, Trent and Glen are partners that have common core values and a strong alignment of interest in serving their clients with the highest level of integrity. They have complementing skill sets and a wealth of industry connections earned by doing the right thing and adding value wherever possible. The GlenBrook team looks forward to being of service.

Why Choose Us

Think of GlenBrook Capital Advisors as one very large Rolodex containing over three decades of prized debt and equity sources, valued clients, and great CRE Professionals. Led by industry veterans Glen daMota and Trent Brooks, GlenBrook is a service provider in the ”connection business” – connecting people, capital, and opportunities. Trent began his career in 1981 and Glen in 1987. Over the years they have guided countless transactions involving over $30B of Commercial Real Estate Equity and Debt.

  • Experience

  • Success

  • Trust

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