GlenBrook Capital Advisors (GCA) Services Two Primary Constituents

Developers/owners/operators of commercial real estate assets

These clients engage GCA to source the most attractive debt and/or equity to fulfill the capital stack for their individual assets and investment objectives. GCA reaches out to its broad, coveted, and exclusive capital sources to promote its clients’ specific capital needs and express the real estate asset and sponsor-specific attributes and qualifications. Developer/owner/operators are able to gain expert exposure and access to a wider universe of capital by leveraging GCA’s extensive industry experience and trusted contacts.

Capital providers seeking the placement of debt and/or equity in commercial real estate assets

These clients engage GCA as an expert distributor of their debt and/or equity capital. GCA serves a broad array of capital providers by matching their program criteria with best-in-class owner/operators on the ground in their local markets

What GlenBrook provides 

Experience – the two founding Partners of GlenBrook Capital Advisors have a combined industry tenure of 60 years. There is no substitute for experience, especially in the everchanging world of commercial real estate capitalization. The GlenBrook Partners have been directly involved in hundreds of successful debt and/or equity transactions well exceeding $30B

Trusted Relationships – Our clients benefit from a highly disciplined access to our broad array of strong relationships in the capital markets as well as among leading developers/owners/operators

Solutions – GlenBrook has the unique ability to add tangible value for its clients by offering deal structuring solutions that others don’t see. Having worked on so many different types of transactions through many cycles and circumstances, the GlenBrook Team has a deep inventory of creative ideas and proven solutions.
Focused Efforts – GlenBrook is very selective about which engagements to accept. Each engaged client at GlenBrook receives personal, hands-on attention from a GCA principal which is a cornerstone of our service-oriented philosophy. If you are an engaged client at GlenBrook (large or small), you will receive personal attention from a principal which is the cornerstone of GlenBrook’s philosophy. Our job is to listen carefully then perform.
Results – Our Team is paid only when we have achieved the results we are hired to achieve. This true alignment of interest and transparency with our clients creates a Win-Win outcome for all parties

Our Process

Each assignment accepted at GlenBrook is on an exclusive basis. Clients know they have our full attention to their specific needs and transactions. This exclusivity is equally important in our interfacing with the capital markets. Debt and Equity providers appreciate that we are the sole agent for the client which often translates to stronger bids